Curse the Reign!

Let’s talk about the weather. Guess what? It’s raining men today. Again. Just like every other day since the rain (reign) began. My jacket is wet because of this rain/reign. So is yours. And hers. I always try to dry it out but sometimes the rain is too much and I feel permanently soaked in men. Yuck! But underneath, I am dry. I am me. I get really mad about it sometimes, and then I remember that it’s the weather, not me, that is causing my discomfort. Sometimes that makes me even more angry, because I have no control over it. Oh, how I curse the reign!

But I still have to go outside every day. And when I see other women being pelted by the reign, the warm fire of my heart reaches out to all of us because we have a better chance of making it through the reign if we remember who we really are underneath it all, because we will only ever overcome this terrible weather together, even if right now some of us *appear* to be enjoying it, and because even when I extend the warm fire of my heart to another woman who says she would rather stay out in the reign, or that she must, I still get to feel the warmth myself and I am reminded that it will always be here for me and my sisters, always and forever, no matter how long we may get caught out in that miserable, never-ending, soul-soaking reign.


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