Soul-Sucking 101

Males are mutants, females are humans. Males hide this truth and seek soulfulness by projecting their soullessness onto females, thus getting women to fear and hate each other, disrupting their ability to connect with one another. It is a gross denial of women’s humanity and a reversal of male demonism.

Because it drives women into hopeless soul-seeking relationships with males, this projection is the propaganda of soul-theft itself. The woman retrieves her soul when she discovers the lie, in understanding that males only pretend to possess our souls, and she finally walks away from men without looking back.

For most of my life when i met a woman i doubted whether she was real, good, like ME at the core. What is this i wondered, the tendency i have to suspect another woman is EVIL? That even when I am with her, I am alone, and furthermore, in danger? I dont trust her. I dont see myself in her. How else can i describe this beinglessness i project onto her… then, when i give her a chance, she proves me wrong. She is human. Parts of her soul may have been sucked away by males, but she is essentially “there.”

Men are NOT “there.” They act. They pretend. They mimic. They suck.  This soulless non-existence is essentially MALE. Men project it onto women and women onto each other. But it belongs to MEN.

We, as women, evolved to be able to mistrust because of men. Mistrust is ESSENTIALLY women’s innate sensing that males are demonic mutant parasites. Meaning, in case that isn’t clear, that the experience of mistrust *exists* for the purpose of females protecting ourselves from males, it is an emotion with an essential purpose that males subvert for the purpose of confusing women about who the enemy is.


7 thoughts on “Soul-Sucking 101”

  1. Hello, I have a honest question. You see, I feel like this too. But, when you (general you) think men just sucks energy which you really need to keep yet you have to spend time with them daily, at work and so on, what do you do? How do you handle this?

    Do you have any advice?
    50% of everyone is male, we still have to interact with them in some way.

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    1. That’s a great question, gunhild, and I wish I had a great answer. We all have different levels of forced contact with males – from needing to verbalize a request to a male post office clerk, to being married to one – and none of us can cut them off completely, except in our hearts.

      That said, here are some strategies I have found effective, in my particular circumstances, for limiting energy-sucking interactions with males:

      – ignoring them
      – giving a quick gesture or word of acknowledgement, if it will make them leave you alone
      – telling them directly you don’t want to talk to them, be friends anymore, etc.
      – telling them they can’t sit next to you on the bus or in another public place
      – taking up two seats on the bus, all of the park bench, etc.
      – specifically asking friends not to introduce you to males in social settings
      – not attending mixed social gatherings
      – organizing female-only social events

      When I absolutely must talk to a male, I keep my mind on spirit and hold my energy close to me. It may help to focus on your breath. I NEVER make direct eye contact. You can fake it pretty well by looking at their foreheads.

      Making threats to males, attacking them physically, stealing from them and thinking hateful thoughts about them are good ways of rebalancing energetically. Obviously, beware retaliation and police involvement 😦

      My final suggestion is to just curse (or hex) the shit out of them, hence the blog title “curse the reign.” We were burned and institutionalized for a reason: it works.


      1. I should mention, I don’t go to work because of a disability, so I don’t have to deal with male bosses or co-workers. I still have to interact with them where I live, so I usually make it quick, stick to business and don’t give them anything.

        Also, I love this post by radicalkitten – she writes very eloquently about reclaiming female energy (which Mary Daly calls “gynergy”), a process which naturally leads to reduced contact with soul-sucking males and their destructive monstrosities:


      2. Thank you for your reply!

        I’m new to thinking about this on an energy/spiritual level. I read some blogs like yours here and it makes a lot of sense. I’ve always felt that good female interactions give me energy and men tend to be either neutral or most oftenly, take energy.
        They really do, and I’m really sensitive to it, yet uneducated on how it works and what to do.
        Gosh I wish I could “hex the shit out of them” 😀
        But I’m new to all this so I don’t know how to start? Like, holding your energy close and such. Do you know of any basic sources for info on this stuff?
        Anyway, thanks again for replying!

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    2. I don’t look at men, if I can avoid it, or the things they create. I try to focus on life and to surround myself as much as possible with people and things that reflect who I am. This doesn’t mean that I pretend patriarchy doesn’t exist, but just that I disidentify from it and from maleness in all of its manifestations. I look at a tree and I know that it is “me” in the expanded sense of my concept of Self as all that which affirms life, and I look at a highway and I know that it is “not me.”

      I try to share energy with beings who reflect love, and to shut myself off to the narcissistic, necrophiliac elements of this world. I had to let go of a lot of guilt, and remind myself I don’t owe men anything. Anything. Guilt can be internalized anger, so getting angry at them helps. And shame, usually self-hatred that males project onto us, we can reflect it back to them. This is spiritual warfare. Make sense?


  2. “Males hide this truth and seek soulfulness by projecting their soullessness onto females, thus getting women to fear and hate each other, disrupting their ability to connect with one another. ”

    The original fairytale “The Little Mermaid” (written by a man) is about how the little mermaid can only gain a soul by marrying a man. That same attitude is also present in other artificial fairy tales. (Artificial here meaning that they didn’t evolve by being told and retold over generations, but were written down by a single, usually male author)

    While in such fairytales there sometimes are male nature spirits, too, it is pretty obvious that those “soulless” spirits are meant to symbolize the female sex.


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