Men Find Ingenious Solution to World’s Worst Problem!!!

I just peeked into a Voluntary Human Extinction Group on Facebook, in which the phenomenon of starving children was attributed to “humans that won’t stop fucking”… of course they mean, MEN who won’t stop RAPING WOMEN. And the men’s best solution to this is… wait for it… VASECTOMY. so they can go right on FUCKING without worrying about the one particular consequence of this behavior that could potentially eat into their paycheck. Or not, apparently, since the alternative was going to be starving children, and not child support payments. So, vasectomy really solves one problem only: men’s GUILT about starving children. Wonderful. Great job, guys. Keep up the good work.


2 thoughts on “Men Find Ingenious Solution to World’s Worst Problem!!!”

  1. It is a step up from “the pill” for women, though, isn’t it? At least it doesn’t affect women’s health negatively. (Because, let’s face it, keeping their dicks in their pants is not something men would actually do)


    1. Totally! It’s actually quite generous of them, compared to their usual behaviors. But my line of thinking at the time I wrote this post was less in reference to what would be “a step up” and more along the lines of “burn the ladder.” Sorry for my late response, I’ve been busy raising a child by a man who was supposedly sterile.


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