Girls should be taught to avoid males.



7 thoughts on “Girls should be taught to avoid males.”

  1. Do you mean that teaching girls to avoid males is victim blaming, or that it is not?
    Males, after all, are not like cars. It is not nearly as easy to avoid them, and they don’t follow the rules. You can be reasonably sure you won’t get hit by a car on the sidewalk. But where can you be sure no male will hurt you? Not even in your own home.

    The problem I have with teaching girls to avoid males is that they will still be required to interact with “good” males. I’m okay with “Radical feminists say: All males can be harmful to your health” What I am not okay with is telling girls to avoid “bad men” but to interact politely with “good men”.

    If you look both ways before crossing the street, drivers won’t yell insults at you for not trusting them.


    1. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the picture is making fun of men claiming victim-hood whenever women talk about protecting themselves from male violence. Women can’t talk about issues that face them anywhere without these idiots barging in screaming “Not all men!” as male tears stream down their faces. *rolls eyes*. Unfortunately this isn’t an exaggeration. There is a large following of delusional little boys who actually believe that “misandry” is a worse problem than misogyny. You can find these entitled bastards everywhere on the internet, in forums, in YouTube comments. They gather together and try to convince themselves that it’s actually women oppressing men. You would think they’re joking, but sadly these freaks actually believe their delusions. It’s so incredibly pathetic, but it’s also incredibly harmful, especially since they often go unchecked. I fear for the future of women and girls with this disgusting growing group of men who think this way, and how they are allowed to so openly and freely express their sexism without any repercussions. More women need to toughen up and fight back.


      1. Ah, yes, now that you mention it … I recall a cartoon, though I cannot say where I saw it, in which a man walked up to someone who had been hit by a car, and instead of helping said “Not ALL drivers!” and walked away, letting the wounded person bleed to death.

        The “misandry”-believers are so delusional I wonder how they manage to function in real life. They are so far removed from reality, I can’t even. Even they must have noticed that e.g. hairdressers demand more money from women, it is out for everyone to see.

        My hope for the next generation of girls is that maybe they will recognize those assholes for what they are (hey, at least they’re open and honest about it!), and choose to not associate with them.


      2. Part of our challenge with the next generation of girls is preserving the language of sex differentiation. Schools, doctors and politicians are actively working to remove the language women and girls have to even name the problem and identify ourselves as victims.


    2. I meant that it is not victim-blaming. It’s a survival skill – of course we can’t always avoid them (and many women never can) but we should whenever possible. My life would look completely different if I knew at age 12 what I know now about men. It’s actually a huge struggle to pass this information on to the next generation, though. So much wisdom is gained from experience and learning enough lessons the hard way that there is a breaking point at which our psyche becomes open to radical ideas. I can tell my daughter that males are parasites but she won’t believe me if she’s been so protected from them that they have never hurt her. So she believes in good guys/bad guys and I don’t know where to go with that. With that said, though, I don’t think it’s wrong to tell girls the truth about men. It can’t hurt for them to at least be given the information they would need to understand maleness. I just don’t know yet what the result will be.


  2. I just can’t believe there are men out there stupid enough to believe they are being oppressed by women. Well, they ARE men, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, they’re just being the entitled assholes that the male of the species are. I seriously can’t stand all those MRA types on the internet complaining about feminism and claiming men are victims of “misandry,” which, in real life, doesn’t exist. I also can’t stand women who betray their own gender. I know they’re just brainwashed by the patriarchy, but I wish they could just wake up and realize what men have done to them, and to this planet.


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