Good Men

Men are terrifying, and this is the only reason why women are sexually, physically, emotionally and spiritually attracted to them. Women’s fear is eroticized, that’s called romance. Women picking one man to fear for the rest of their lives, that’s called love. The game is, you better get one or you won’t feel safe with any. You won’t necessarily be safe with the one you marry, but at least you will feel safe from all the ones you didn’t. Men who women truly are safe around – whether his means for a moment or a lifetime the absence of belittling, raping, or beating – are still part of the reign of terror orchestrated by violent males. Their violence is invisible because their campigns of terror are fought by proxy. Women are all looking for good men to marry, the ones who they aren’t scared of. That’s what it means to be a good man – you don’t scare women. Other men scare them into marrying you.


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